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Offering 4 ways to impove your soil structureand crop production

Liquid program to breakdown residue, to release fertility and expose diseases, while forming humus

Spreadable Granular to help break open hard pans and disperse salts and heavy metals

Liquid Nitrogen stabilizer product for aqueous or dry nitrogen forms holds up to 70 days

Planter Box grade to meter into the furrow to stimulate early root growth and provide an immediate food source

Offering a way to improve drainage and stabilize the nitrogen in your golf courses and yards

Greens Grade for golf courses and to stabilize the nitrogen in all turf situations

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What can I expect from Solid Solutions?

We convert the pits to an aerobic breakdown.

Why aerobic?

Much faster digestion and the release changes from hydrogen sulfide, methane, and ammonia,to co2, so2, no2, etc.  Also digesting the fiber and remaining protein to discourage foaming which traps methane.

What about salts and heavy meetals?

The organic acids utilized will help disperse salts and chelate heavy metals leaving them in a stabilized form for flushing through the soil profile when spread.

What can I expect in the fields?

Residue breakdown by providing an excellent food source for the microbes and fungal colonies that converts residue to organic matter and then humus.  Recycles the fertility into a readily usable form for feeding the next crop and releases diseases to exposure and deletion.

Which diseases should I see help with?

Anthracnose, gibberellin and fusarium rots, gray leaf spot and Goss’s wilt in corn; white mold and sudden death in beans.
Nutrient Management Specialists, LLC


 As a Soil Structure and Nutrient Manager with Nutrient Management Specialists, I implement the systems approach to manage crops from the combine one year through safe storage the next. We discuss and implement a management plan that gets the crop planted in impeccable conditions, and then defends the yield through constant and consistent follow up with field visits and proactively defending that yield to make the most of field environments and the current year's weather pattern. Utilizing and incorporating manure management where needed into a complete cropping plan to boost efficiency, prevent a buildup of salts, heavy metals, and partially digested antibiotics, and be good stewards of the soil.
Detailed observations and providing a second set of eyes allow me to suggest options with lead time for implementation.  Nutritional Seed Treatments that are stand alone or with insecticides. Certified Organic as a stand alone.  Bringing in resourses from my Agronomy and Animal Science background.  Keeping abreast of EPA regulations for nutrient management in soil and watershed projects.  Implementing new strategies to avoid Bio-Accumulation of toxic metals and antibiotics in our food source.
My Pledge 
I will continue to access new people and knowledge that keeps me relevant in my efforts to introduce the positive changes to bring recommendations before and during the growing season to keep ahead of each year's unique challenges. I will bring the front edge of current best cultural practices along with suggestions of, "What would you think about trying?" or "Do you believe this will improve your farming operation?" and "Let's take a section and try this!". By stimulating your creativity and encouraging excellence, my goal is to have my customers 20% more efficient than their neighbors in all their farming endeavors. Also working in soil and animal nutrient management and odor control.  I sell products to break down the solids and foaming in manure pits, buildings, and lagoons. Speed up the compost digesters, and introducing organic acids through the feed that will bring about increased health and efficiencies, while keeping the pits and lagoons in a more aqueous state.
My business is client-oriented, and I maintain strict confidentiality.  I hope you'll find the information you need on this site about my company and the products and services I provide. I look forward to working with you.


Nutrient Management Specialists, LLC

Offering 3 ways from Solid Solutions to conquer Pits and Lagoons

Solid Solutions Liquid add to the feed or introduced directly into pits and lagoons

Solid Solutions Feed Additive benefits the animal before we work on the manure

Solid Solutions Compost Grade, speed up composting of manure and carcasses

Enhance fertility and milk production, reduce scours!!


Black Sands Corn Production


Reduce ammonia in broiler and laying houses!!
More flavorful meat!!



Excellent performance in breaking down crusts and solids!!


We provide Solid Solutions for: 

Pit Foaming

Manure Management

Crusting pits

Broiler houses

Egg production

Stabilize manure nutrients

Reduce Solids

Cattle Confinement

Increase milk production

Lagoon Solids

Municipal Waste

Carcass Composters

Odor reduction